4/27/15: Female Nude Figure Study

3-5 hour, female, lifedrawing, nude


Reference: Figure & Gesture Drawings, 3 hours

Tonight felt like a good time to add what I learned from the last post about facial expression into a figure study. The pose isn’t dramatic, but the expression of peace on her face as she gazed into the light with her hand held up gently said volumes. I aimed to stop at 60 minutes, but really got into the zone and kept going. Here’s what it looked like at 60 min:


I aimed to get good proportions and put a line where the light changes as a note to fill in later. It was a lot of putting something down and then revising until it looked right. I bought a cheap General’s charcoal pencil to see what it would do and after the tip broke a dozen times, I chunked it and went back to graphite. I like the darkness it gets, but need to find one that’s a bit less brittle.


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