5/23/15: Female Figure in Nature, Terra Cotta Study

3-5 hour, female, nature, nude


Reference: NakedAspirations.com  (warning pornographic), ~5hr

Today I bought a Prismacolor Premier “Terra Cotta” colored pencil (PC944) from Hobby Lobby and love it! I had trouble with the glare of graphite in the last session, but this seems to be a great substitute. It stays relatively sharp, has a buttery smooth feel and can darken nicely when I really press in. I’m slowly moving towards figures in nature. There are very few decent artistic photos of models in nature not pornographic. Unfortunately, the reference is mostly that, however, there are a few good images in there. So just keep the mental filters on and search for “art” photos if you dare.

Here’s the progression shot:



4 thoughts on “5/23/15: Female Figure in Nature, Terra Cotta Study

  1. I wouldn’t classify the bulk of photos on my site as pornographic. Especially compared to all the photos I could be hosting. Anyhoo ….. glad you found a worthwhile reference there.


    1. It’s just a matter of opinion. For several years I couldn’t bring myself to draw nude women because I come from such a religious/conservative background. I am thankful to you for those photos I found. There aren’t many like them on the net that could qualify as “artistic” in the sense of something Zorn, Lipking ect. would paint and I wanted to reference it, hoping it would bring more artists to your site. No doubt there’s a lot of stuff that could be so much worse.


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