9/1/15: Charcoal Portrait Study

1-2hour, faces, Portrait

Reference: Google images for “interesting faces”, ~2hr

I saw a video where vine charcoal was smeared across the face, then the highlights were produced with erasing. I only have compressed charcoal and I doubt it spread out as well, but it worked somewhat. Most of the time was spent trying to map the face in as accurate as possible. Still have a lot of work to do with this… Fun study!

6/22/15: Simple Female Figure Study

1-2hour, female, lifedrawing, nude


Reference: Croqui Cafe 84, ~2hr

Quick post: It was a “wake up, eat breakfast while drawing” day before heading out to class. After a few 1-minute gesture drawings, I settled on this pose because of the great shadows. She had an expression of relaxation and enjoying the simplicity of the pose. I didn’t shade much below the torso, but it didn’t seem to need it for expressing her pose. Okay… off to welding class…

4/6/15: Life Drawing, Desperation

1-2hour, female, lifedrawing, nude


Reference: Figure & Gesture Drawing website, 110 min

The strong shadows of the arms are crossing the body in opposite directions, the shoulder high, head low, legs on the floor as if she just collapsed in frustration … what a great pose!! This gesture just kept getting better as I went, so I spent the time to finish it. If you find this image on the website, you’ll notice I changed the hand into a fist. Seemed more fitting.

4/5/15: Female Nude Life Drawing

1-2hour, female, lifedrawing, nude


Reference: Croquis Cafe 157, time 90min

This dramatic pose seemed to state repose and relief. It was worth spending the time to try and “finish” it, a step past the 10 minute sketches yesterday. Proko’s video, mentioned in the last post, seems to be helping. Finding the angle of the spine, hips and head set a solid structure to build on.