Faces 5/18/17


Ref: Google, Pinterest board “choonhachat”; black/white charcoal, mechanical pencil, Prismacolor Terra Cotta pencil. 

I’m taking a class in Schoolism.com by John Hardesty titled “Realism”. Excellent class. He discusses seeing proportions in different ways, each meathod double checking the other for accuracy. I have a long way to go, but it’s evident 90% of realism is spending the most time double checking and correcting before getting details. Also, less is more, especially around the eyes. 

The first round I looked for photos taken a long time ago since they tend to have better lighting for drawing with shadows. On the second session, I found an illustrator with a great reference board on Pinterest. His name for searching is “choonhachat”. He also frequently does live drawing sessions on Instagram. He been drawing figures for years and it’s amazing to see how fast he is. His instagram is also “choonhachat”. 


Life Drawing 4/24/17

1-2hour, female, lifedrawing

Ref: Croqui Cafe 142, Prismacolor Terra Cotta pencil and white charcoal on toned paper

I’m liking the toned paper for these sketches. Still learning to limit my highlights, but it’ll get better with time. I liked the final 5min pose so I paused it to about 35min.