Life Drawing 4/25/17

30-60min, female, lifedrawing

Ref: Croqui Cafe 247; Prismacolor Terra Cotta pencil/ white charcoal on tan paper

It was interesting to note the difference drawing the dark skinned lady as compared to light skin. The highlights and shadows are more pronounced, probably because I can’t see too much into the shadows from the camera. I decided to leave the shadows largely the same value to accentuate the lighter values. I kept the white charcoal on a leash today and just added a few highlights of the face and breast. Really fun study! 


Figure Sketch 4/7/17

10-30min, female, lifedrawing, nude

Prismacolor Terra Cotta (PC 944) on paper

Ref: Croquis Cafe 255

Been a long time and feels good to get back into these studies. Croqui Cafe is doing a lot more short poses which is great to warm up to the last pose. I’m loving the warm prismacolor color pencil for these! Smooth.